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Brenda Pearce
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Key # 1 - Meditate

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Meditation is very important in today's busy world.   Setting a space of time each day to sit quietly with or without your eyes closed , is a gift you can give yourself.   It allows you to reduce cortisole ( a stress hormone), and allows you to get in touch with YOU.  Feel the breath going in and out of your lungs, helps you to centre and ground.  Helps you to be at one with yourself body-mind-spirit.  If thoughts creep into your quiet space.  Mentally push them away.  Give yourself permission to create peace in your own mind.  You deserve it.  Also meditation can help with building up endorphins, which are the feel good hormones in your body.    Watch how your outlook on life changes by adding  5-10 minutes per day.

Key # 2 - Exercise

It is said, "If YOU don't use it, you will lose it." What are you doing to not lose it.  Autumn-eers are more active now than ever before, but are you doing something that everyday?  Walking, running, cycling and the list goes on, are all wonderful, but when the weather gets bad, or you are experiencing pain...   What can YOU do.    Rebounding has become my most favorite way of keeping fit, improving circulations and beating the duldrums that happen when the days shorten and the weather makes me shiver.   Check out more on rebounding for health.  People of any age and ability can use this.  It may be a little awkward at first, but your balance will improve.

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Watch Here

Key #3 - YOU Are What You Eat

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Diet! Diet! Diet. We hear of so much chatter regarding the various fad diets out there today.  Do they work?  They all have their up sides and down sides.  Sustaining a particular diet is another issue.  Food can fuel you and it can kill you.  Food is our fuel and we are what we eat.   I believe that portion control and variety are key to transformation.   I was privileged to interview a  RD who has a great handle on the diet dilema.  Watch this video packed with great and practical information.   We can change our eating habits and greatly reduce our risks of disease and dis-ease.  Truly transformative.

Watch Here
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Key #4 - Look At Hydration Differently

Water!!!!   We are told to drink 8 glasses of water daily.  We are basically 80% water, so it is a key component to our very existance.  We are actually  a battery, and so water is key to the quality of our very health and wellbeing. What kind of water are you drinking. It is important to think about looking for ways of drinking more alkaline based water than tap water.   We also need to know that our emotions affect the water we drink and the environment we live in.  Change your health and life outcomes by the  environment we drink our water in.  Watch this fascinating video and learn more.  You will never look at water the same way again!

Key # 5 - Healthy Cells With PEMF Therapy


Your 70 trillion cells in your body are being bombarded by environmental toxins that are affecting your life. Toxins in foods, water, air, chemical exposure and our wi-fried world. We cannot live without our wireless technology but know that it is having a toll on our body's ability to feel good in our body.

Learn about PEMF Therapy (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields).  The iMRS technology is licensed as a Class 2 Medical Device by Health Canada and US FDA to improve circulation and reduce pain. 


EMF (electro -magnetic fields) are all around us, and we really cannot evade them anymore from cell phones, microwave ovens, portable phones, sitting in front of gaming terminals, computer screens etc. Lern what you can do to reduce the pain and ravages of this technology.

Key #6 - Experience Biofield Therapy (Bonus)

Breaking Through, Not Breaking Down

By:  Brenda Pearce


Everyone is looking for the easy button.  The easy button to transform their lives from where they are to where they want to be.   Not that the now is bad or difficult, or it is; everyone wants to step into ease, peace, love.  In short BLISS.

I know I was in that place and space several years ago...  Searching for meaning.

I remember being a younger version of me.  I was a mom, wife, daughter, career woman, and so very, very disenfranchised.  Spreading myself so thin, that there was nothing left except scattered pieces of me.   The super woman days were a time where I would say to myself, "Hang on as some day these will be the good ole days".   They just were so fractured that I could not enjoy any of those good old days.  I just put one foot in front of the other and kept moving forward.

It was at a very crucial time in which things seemed the most difficult, that my prayer for help from the Divine was answered.  It was at that time 15 years ago that I found Reiki...  Or shall I say Reiki found me.  It was a 5 minutes hands on mini Reiki session at my place of work, that I finally found peace within me.

Breaking through the emotional tiredness and stress was the opening I needed and had prayed for.  The day to day routines and schedules and demands did not change, but the change was a better sense of self within.  Raising my vibrational frequency set point by this natural hands on relaxation technique changed my life.   As Einstein said, and I paraphrase, " Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome".    So Reiki took me out of the repetitive process.  It took me out of the rut, and it gave me a greater connection to me.

It was my break through...  My personal opening to discovering so much more about who I am.  It gave me back to ME.

I don't know what your life is like, or what your challenges are, but I do know it is easy to get lost in the human doings of life.  In that process, we are looking to please others, meet quotas and deadlines and looking to externals to define our life.   Moving into human being -ness, and knowing that peace is a decision, and finding the processes within to help find peace and centering, was truly liberating.  It actually has opened me up to increased productivity, opportunity and the ability to truly be there for my family.

Know that prayers are answered; the opportunities to breakthrough are before you.  Breakthrough, before you break down.  Enrich your life with the gift of who you are, and watch the world around you expand.

Experience The Relaxation & Peace of Reiki For Yourself
Reiki Wood Elves Meditation - Brenda Pearce
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